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Electric Motor Housing

             Motor Housing Complete

             Machining Solution

             One of the main components of an electric motor is the motor

             housing (stator housing), which is made from aluminum.
             A special approach needs to be taken to achieve the critical
             key characteristics of this part's lightweight, durability,
             ductility, surface finish and precision, including geometrical

             The partially hollow form represents an additional challenge
             and maintaining low cutting forces is essential for roughness
             and cylindricity requirements.

                                                                                              Brazed PCD tool
                                                                                           for external contouring

             ISCAR's PCD line comprises top performance tools with high
             machining parameters, minimum weight and long tool life.

             Equipped with adjustable PCD blades or brazed tips and guiding
             pads, these tools can hold the most demanding tolerances and
             geometrical requirements. Combined tools with various profiles
             decrease the number of tools required to make the part, which

             reduces cycle time.
                                                                                  Combined tool for external reaming with an adjustable
                                                                                   PCD blade and guiding pads and an interchangeable
                                                                                     head for milling with PCD brazed cartridges.
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