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Tube Sheet Preparation

            Heat Exchangers

             Heavy duty turning applications feature relatively
             large depths of cut, high feeds, and rough,
             non-uniform surfaces to be machined. These
             applications require both tough carbide grades
             and specifically designed chipformers.

                DOVE-IQ                  CNMG-R3M                     RCMX                       LOMX
            Double-sided inserts        Double-sided 80°        Round 7° inserts with      For heavy super turn
           with R3P double-sided      rhombic inserts, first     a positive flank and     tangential inserts with
           7° negative side flank       choice for rough         strong cutting edge      4 cutting edges for high
          80° rhombic inserts for    machining of stainless       for rough turning       metal removal of up to
           heavy turning of steel     and low carbon steel                                35 mm D.O.C. on steel

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