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In today’s modern world, engine downsizing continues    that drive OEMs to look for new materials and
       to dominate the automotive industry. Nowadays,          investigate new technologies during real time.
       turbochargers not only appear in large diesel engines    ISCAR’s global industry experiences place the
       but also in gasoline engines.                           customer at the forefront, aiming to provide higher
       A turbocharger can significantly boost the engine’s     Productivity, Profitability and Performance gains.
       horsepower without significantly increasing             In the automotive industry and field of turbochargers,
       its weight, and provides high-performance               ISCAR presents innovative solutions and full stable
       and added benefits for modern cars.                     processes for turbocharger related components.
       The turbocharger provides many advantages for           ISCAR views OEMs as high-priority customers and
       drivers, yet places a challenge for OEMs.               undertakes to build long-term cooperation.
       Surviving extreme operating conditions, very high       ISCAR partnership goals recommend efficient and
       temperatures and spinning at high speed revolutions     economical solutions and consequently provide
       per minute (rpm) are just some of the circumstances     high-quality products and long lasting support.

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